Justin's Story His Vision
Through my years of experience with different surgeons and cosmetic medical specialists,

I have acquired knowledge that some say has opened a “Pandora’s box” regarding aesthetic surgery. Our society inherently imposes boundaries on us as individuals – people we should try to emulate, the typical standard of beauty and the situations that society deems as surgically "acceptable." In contrast, I believe that beauty is something we must all define for ourselves. The people we meet, cultures we partake in and places we visit all influence us and our ideal of what beauty or perfection should be at any moment. The ability to change and modify is an amazing power that has been made attainable through skilled medical professionals. To some, natural rejuvenation or reconstruction is the desired outcome. Yet others look to transcend themselves – intentionally going outside the “norm” and into a realm where they as individuals dictate what an optimal aesthetic is. In either event, this process can instill a confidence that can be used as a tool to shape your entire life and not just your physical shell.

My goal as an individual is to educate the public on the possibilities that aesthetic surgery can offer to them, for their specific lifestyle. Elective surgery is something extremely personal and is to be taken very seriously. Having had a plethora of it myself, I have learned the “ins’ and outs” of the business, as well as developed an artistic eye for beautification. My medical knowledge of products and consistent search for innovations within the surgical field of modification can open up a world of new possibilities that most have never imagined.

Confidence and self-esteem are major factors in our lives; the lack there-of can be a “handicap”, both mentally and emotionally. Our body image is directly related to how the world views us and if positive, it can allow an individual to thrive. Plastic and reconstructive surgeries have the ability to repair our self-image and/or allow us to gain a courage and tenacity that can open up a whole new world of promise. I am a living testament to the empowerment that body modification can instill.