Justin Jedlica is an individual who works with the most discerning patients, those who will accept nothing but the best quality medical care.

Your body is your temple, and Justin is here to act as the architect--your design specialist. From his many years of personal experience within the body modification arena, Justin now retains an arsenal of the most skilled, accredited, cosmetic medical specialists who act with the utmost discretion. Through our discreet referral, consultative and coordinator services, Justin and his team assure you the most direct and comprehensive route to achieve your desired result (whether subtle or more extreme).

The benefit to choosing Justin to guide you through this very personal decision is the minimization of risk, helping you to avoid the need for revision procedures, especially since the best results are often those from primary surgeries. In the event that you are considering a revision surgery, the stakes are much higher and it is extremely important to choose a doctor who specializes in these more complex procedures. With Justin as your consultant, you will have a judgment- free advocate who will pair you with the doctor who is best suited to you and your aesthetic goals.

Personal Consultations

Given my familiarity with cosmetic surgery, I have been relied upon as a resource by countless individuals going through the modification journey.

There's no substitute for talking with someone who's been there. Whether you're considering enhancements for the first time or are looking to correct procedures that didn't go according to plan, I'm available to help. Come visit me, or I can come to your home or office. Consultations are informal, relaxed, and confidential. I'm available 7 days a week and appointments are scheduled based on a per hour fee.

Telephone and Skype Consultations

If coming to Los Angeles is not an option for you, your consultation can take place over Skype or telephone.

Get started by emailing me for a personal consultation by clicking the button below.

*Justin Jedlica is not a licensed medical professional and as such, any
recommendations or referrals from him during a consultation are solely
based on his personal experiences, knowledge and opinions.