Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

As a plastic surgery expert, Justin keeps himself educated and updated with the most current of all possible aesthetic procedures. As a pioneer and aesthetic innovator himself, he has personally been through a myriad of these procedures and can help you find the right specialist for any modification. In addition, Justin is available to meet with you and custom design any implant to fit your personal anatomy or artistic desires.

Facial Procedures Male Body Female Body
  Facial Procedures:
1. Hair Restoration
2. Hairline Contouring
3. Eyebrow Hair Grafting
4. Canthoplexy "Cat Eyes"
5. Lip Augmentation
6. Lip Lift
7. Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)
8. Dimpleplasty (Chin & Cheek)
9. Facelift
10. Necklift
11. Facial Fillers*
12. Eye Color Change
13. Lip Line "Threading"
14. Cupid's Bow Lip Enhancement
15. Lip Reduction
16. "Pillow" Lip Enhancement
17. Fat Transfer*
18. Micropigmentation* (Permanent make-up/ Scar Camouflage)
19. "Eye Jewelry" with Cosmetic Extra Ocular Implants
20. Forehead Reduction
21. Brow Lift
22. Browbone Reduction
23. Browbone Implant
24. Ear Pinning
25. "Elf" Ear Pointing
26. Cheek Augmentation
27. Eyeball Tattoo
28. Subdermal Implants & Anchors*
29. Transdermal Implants*
30. Tongue Splitting
31. Dermal Punching
32. Magnet Implantation*
33. Scarification*
34. Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelids)
35. Cosmetic Dentistry
36. Jaw & Chin Implants
37. Liposuction*
38. Skin Resurfacing*
39. Hair Removal*
  * Procedure available for numerous locations on the face & body